No Rust Thick Pan No Coating Non-Stick Cooking Pot Household Flat Wok - B07GWGF897

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  • 1, no coating, no rust, physical non-stick, raw iron treatment, no additives

  • 2, the material is iron, evenly heated, less fumes are non-toxic, so you can cook with confidence.

  • 3, anti-scalding anti-skid handle design to ensure your safety.

  • 4. This easy-to-use pan is perfect for all chefs and housewives, enhancing your cooking and impressing your friends.

  • 5, the pan is very suitable for daily use, even for the dishwasher, so cleaning can be as simple as cooking.

  • Size: 32*10cm
    Suitable for occasions: opening ceremony, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, awards commemoration, advertising promotions, trade fairs, housewarming.
    1. First clean the pot with warm water and a soft brush, and immediately open the pot, otherwise it will rust easily.
    2, put the cleaned pot on the fire to dry, then open a small fire into 2 two edible oil.
    3. Then apply oil to each position in the pot with kitchen paper and turn off the heat after 5-8 minutes.
    4. After boiling: The oil needs to be kept in the pot for more than 2 hours to ensure that the pot absorbs more oil.
    5, after each use, after cleaning, be sure to dry on a small fire, and then apply a layer of cooking oil to extend the life of the iron.
    1. It is forbidden to dry for a long time, so as not to affect the service life of the product.
    2, often clean the part that does not normally touch the food, so as not to cause dirt.
    Checklist: 1* pan

    No Rust Thick Pan No Coating Non-Stick Cooking Pot Household Flat Wok - B07GWGF897

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